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BGTurbo, The New Generation of Beta-glucuronidases

Re-engineered by Directed Evolution 

Hydrolyze Analyze

Did you know that over 8,000 different beta-glucuronidases have been identified in nature?

Kura Biotec®´s team of enzyme specialists have been using a supercomputer-run database screening and a 3D-simulation. We have identified candidates of 3D-structures who fit best  together for TDM and WPDT glucuronides hydrolysis. We have payed close attention to affinity with Codeine, morphine, hydromorphone, oxymorphone and tapentadol glucuroconjugates as these conjugates are far more reluctant to hydrolysis. Hydrolysis affinity with other forensic, workplace drug-testing and therapeutic drug-monitoring conjugates has also been quantified.

Bglucs Similarity Network

BGTurbo™ has been selected from a short-list of top-performing beta-glucuronidases. It has been genetically modified to be tailored to modern analytical toxicological challenges. BGTurbo™ provides complete hydrolysis in 2 steps. Samples are Ready-to-analyze in minutes and liquid-chromatography compliant following a simplified “hydrolyze-analyze”TM concept.

In order to add to Supercomputer-run validation and internal validation, Kura Biotec® now invites a pool of 5 toxicology laboratories to validate BGTurbo™, participate in the completion of an exciting R&D project. Be the first to simplify your lab workflow and improve accuracy.

Step on the BGTurbo™ fast-train and ride away!

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ABOUT KURA BIOTEC®: Kura Biotec®´s extraction and purification laboratory in Patagonia-Chile has been guaranteeing ocean-fresh Red abalone enzymes for over five years. In 2012 the first recombinant E. coli bgluc was released, competing with mainstream labs such as Sigma and Roche. The team of enzyme specialists uses supercomputer-run 3D-simulations to produce tailored enzymes. Kura Biotec® is distributed worldwide. Next-day delivery and support in the design of your hydrolysis protocol is available. Several US top toxicology labs are already Kura Biotec® users.