We have a responsibility.

People refer to drug testing as “routine.”

To us, there is nothing routine about it. Behind every specimen there is a person – perhaps a colleague or a family member – and the well-being of that person and the people around them depends on us being right. That is a responsibility that demands accuracy and precision. That is why Kura is here. We’re not in it for the enzymes. We are here to provide you with the best possible hydrolysis, so you can provide the most accurate answers. It’s our shared responsibility.

First version of Red abalone β-glucuronidase.


First sales of Red abalone β-glucuronidase.
By progenitor company GOMA Biotech


Distribution agreement entered into with PM Seperations


Kura Biotec SpA is founded.
Logistics office opened in Los Angeles, USA.
Improved Red abalone β-glucuronidase, BG100®, is developed and launched


Kura Biotec launches EBG, the first recombinant β-glucuronidase.
Distribution agreement entered into with Chiron AS.


Distribution agreement entered into with Speware Inc. (now Tecan)


BGTurbo, Kura’s first enhanced β-glucuronidase is launched


US Subsidiary, Kura Biotech Inc is founded.


MIT Innovators under 35 – 2016

Santiago, Chile

Endeavour Entrepreneur – 2016

San Francisco, US

Avonni Patagonia, High Impact Innovation – 2014

Puerto Varas, Chile

Aji Challenge, MIT Media Lab – 2013

Boston, US

Inspired by Nature. Moved by Science.

In Chilean Patagonia, one of the southernmost places in the inhabited world, a group of young skilled scientists specializing in enzymatic catalysis have combined their collective knowledge and passion to investigate the mysteries of the world of enzymes.


Kura’s R&D team realized the potential of the natural sources of enzymes present in Chile and began analyzing and extracting β-glucuronidases from Haliotis Rufescens (Red Abalone) for the hydrolysis of clinical and forensic drugs.


Determined to overcome the most common problems in drug testing, KURA is at the cutting edge of toxicological enzymology. Working together with the most advanced investigation centers all over the globe, KURA is using the most advanced tools afforded by modern biotechnology and computer-modeling, modifying enzymes through directed evolution to achieve more specific results in the most demanding analysis. KURA is continuously improving the enzymes used within drug testing applications.


Kura’s investigations are now expanding beyond the scope of toxicology, extending research into new sources of enzymes and new enzymatic technologies that will improve and expand the uses of enzymatic catalysis in multiple fields.


Kura R&D team is committed to continuously improving the available enzymatic tools, making analysis in drug testing simple, fast and precise. We are enabling laboratories to ensure a more accurate and more human service to the patients while at the same time increasing productivity.

  • Kura Founder Manuel Rosas Selected at 68th International Endeavor Selection Panel